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The Logistics Cluster Training Programme

Trainings are an integral component of capacity building and preparedness activities. With trainings, the cluster aims at enhancing the knowledge and the network of humanitarian logistics responders at the local, national and international levels.

Because a community of humanitarian logisticians and information management professionals training together is a community of actors who will respond together.

To better tailor trainings to the needs of the partners on ground, the Logistics Cluster offers both Online Trainings and Face-to-face Trainings across the world.

Applications open

Regional Logistic Cluster Induction (LCI) Training - Colombo, Sri Lanka

A training that prepares staff from partner organizations and the Logistics Cluster to work together around the world.
Location: Colombo, Sri Lanka
Dates: 24 to 26 April 2024
Deadline: 20 March 2024

Online Trainings

Online Trainings


Face to Face Trainings

Basic Humanitarian Logistics Course

The objective of the Basic Humanitarian Logistics Course (BHLC) is to enhance the operational humanitarian logistics response capacity for logistics staff in field operations.

Logistics Cluster Induction Training

The Logistics Cluster Induction Training (LCIT) is designed to familiarise participants with the Logistics Cluster by providing an initial experience of the cluster approach in an emergency setting.

Awareness Training

The Awareness Training (AWT) is a modular training that provides information on the Cluster Reference Module (CRM), cluster activation and deactivation processes, services, mechanisms


Logistics Response Team Training

In the Logistics Response Training (LRTT) skilled logistics professionals are put to the test in a rigorous 7-day simulation, providing immediate operational logistics surge capacity as...

Emergency Logistics Induction Training

The Emergency Logistics Induction Training (ELIT) is a two-phased training comprised of classroom sessions and an emergency response simulation.

Information Management Training

The Logistics Cluster Information Management Training (IMT) is designed to help participants better understand the Logistics Cluster’s Information Management (IM) activities in the field

Access Training

To address the massive challenge posed to humanitarian emergency responses by obstructed or denied access, the Global Logistics Cluster is actively working with partners and within WFP’s...


Logistics Cluster Coordinator Training

The Logistics Cluster Coordinator Training (LCCT) brings together practitioners from various field operations, in order to exchange experiences, ideas and best practices

Training of Trainers

A training that prepares staff from partner organisations and the Logistics Cluster, to lead the various Logistics Cluster capacity building projects in regional hubs around the world....

Gear Up

Gear Up 2023. Neuhausen, Germany 16-23 September 2023.

Gear.UP is designed to give the participants a realistic emergency experience through working in field-like conditions. Participants must overcome obstacles presented by local authorities and other logistical challenges in order to complete their objective.

Global Support Team

Julie Kuras

Head of Training

Guillermo Cuervo

Senior Logistics Training Officer

Thomas van Ommen

Logistics Training Officer

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