A training that prepares staff from partner organisations and the Logistics Cluster, to lead the various Logistics Cluster capacity building projects in regional hubs around the world. Through this concept, local actors are provided with a cost-effective and sustainable option to train staff and partners.



4 days.

Target Audience:


People with humanitarian logistics and/or Information Management backgrounds from the humanitarian community globally. This includes partner organisations, WFP and Logistics Cluster staff, and individuals with significant experience working in conjunction with the Logistics Cluster, and those with significant experience facilitating trainings.

Training Outcomes:


  • Participants have an understanding of the latest adult learning methodologies.

  • Participants are equipped to act as trainers with in-depth knowledge on the Logistics Cluster training methodology, on various Logistics Cluster training modules.

Nomination through Logistics Cluster Focal Point within partner organisations or through the Head of Supply Chain Units within WFP.