The Logistics Cluster Coordinator Training (LCCT) brings together practitioners from various field operations, in order to exchange experiences, ideas and best practices and ultimately to standardise knowledge and approach for Logistics Cluster Coordinators, aligning them with global strategies and policies.

The challenging nature and context of Logistics Cluster operations and the environment in which Logistics Cluster Coordinators operate, demands strong knowledge, experience and leadership skills to conduct an efficient and effective logistics response.

The LCCT is facilitated through classroom-based theoretical lectures, debates and dedicated sessions led by external experts and Logistics Cluster participants (Training takes place in GLC HQ, Rome).


8 days.

Target Audience:

Current and potential Logistics Cluster Coordinators (including those with previous Logistics Cluster experience from partner organisations), existing deputy Logistics Cluster Coordinators and Logistics Cluster members.

Training Outcomes:

  • Participants have acquired ability to produce CONOPS, SOPs, and gain an understanding of other lead-agency processes.

  • Participants are provided with fund and project management skills.

  • Participants are equipped with the technical skills and leadership skills integral to Logistics Cluster coordination.

How to apply:

Nomination through the Global Logistics Cluster by selection from the Logistics Response Team Training.