The objective of the Basic Humanitarian Logistics Course (BHLC) is to enhance the operational humanitarian logistics response capacity for logistics staff in field operations. The training will directly contribute to avoid the waste of resources through careful handling and storing of humanitarian cargo. In addition, participants will understand basic principles and procedures of procurement to minimize the risk of fraud or incorrect sourcing. It is based on a typical full supply chain cycle and follows the logical supply chain structure. The course starts from the concept of sourcing, with focus on procurement concepts and moves downwards in the chain until its end, by discussing the distribution process with a sector-neutral coverage. In order to go through this end-to-end overview, the content builds clear relations between logistics concepts and the operational context, adapting logistics to the trainees.

Theoretical sessions are taught through practical exercises, achieved through the use of case studies and exercises in order to bring the content closer to the environment where it will be applied.

The content is modular and adaptable in order to adjust the course according to the needs of the audience and their main points of interest. The training covers Procurement, Weights and Volumes, Transportation, Logistics Cluster forms, Warehouse Management, Inventory Management, Distributions Process and Best Practices.


2 days.

Target Audience:

Logistics staff from junior and mid–career positions such as storekeepers, logistics assistants and officers.

Training Outcomes:

  • Participants will obtain a general understanding of humanitarian logistics and its challenges.

  • Participants will be equipped to manage common logistics constraints and challenges frequently arising in emergency response.

  • Humanitarian organisations will have more and better trained logisticians among their staff, improving organisational capacity to respond to emergencies.

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