The Awareness Training (AWT) is a modular training that provides information on the Cluster Reference Module (CRM), cluster activation and deactivation processes, services, mechanisms and the interaction between the humanitarian community, WFP and the Logistics Cluster.

Limited awareness within the humanitarian community of the Logistics Cluster mandate, its services and procedures may lead to duplicated efforts and reduced efficiency. The AWT seeks to mainstream the discourse of the roles and responsibilities of the lead agency within the cluster system.

This training is facilitated through a combination of class-room sessions and seminars. This training is usually provided on request and tailored to the needs of the organisation requesting the training.


1 day (adaptable to suit audience requirements).

Target Audience:

The wider humanitarian community, NDMA/O and the private sector.

Training Outcomes:

  • Participants have awareness on the Logistics Cluster and its mandate and improved knowledge of the CRM and the Logistics Cluster activation process.

  • Participants obtain an understanding of WFP functions and responsibility as the lead agency of the Logistics Cluster.

  • Participants understand the Logistics Cluster mandate, services, accountability towards WFP, the Humanitarian Coordinator the Humanitarian Country Team and Emergency Relief Coordinator.