A Gaps and Needs Analysis is a consultation of partners conducted by the Logistics Cluster to examine common logistics gaps for the delivery of humanitarian aid in a given country or context. Partners from HQ, Regional Bureaux and Country of Operations are consulted in this exercise. The recommendations formulated in the GNA are used as basis for conducting joint advocacy efforts and address common logistics challenges.

Objectives and Methodology

GNAs can be conducted remotely or in-country through interviews with key humanitarian actors. Short explanatory videos on the content of the interviews can be found in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

The objectives of this exercise are:

  • Make recommendations and examine the rationale and need for a cluster activation or of an alternative coordination structure endorsed by the humanitarian community during the on-set of an emergency.
  • Assess/review existing and potential in-country logistics gaps based on partner feedback through participatory consultations on both global and country-level.
  • Facilitate the development and adaptation of the Logistics Cluster’s/Sector’s strategy to meet evolving gaps and needs in countries with active operations.
  • Provide the Global Logistics Cluster with a clear guidance and rationale for private sector engagement requirements through the Logistics Emergency Teams (LET).
  • Monitor Logistics Cluster performance and pertinence.
  • Monitor implementation of recommendations, best practices and lessons learned from previous exercises or field visits.


Completed GNA reports are published on the respective country pages or can be obtained through contacting: