Hurricane Matthew, a powerful category 4 Atlantic hurricane, hit the south western tip of Haiti making landfall on Tuesday, 4 October 2016. Its maximum sustained wind is reported to equal 250 km/h and torrential rain as well as potential mudslides, and caused extensive damage in coastal areas.
To support the Haitian Government, WFP, as lead agency, aims to provide logistics coordination and information management support, as well as facilitating the handling of the incoming cargo.
With support from the Global Logistics Cluster in Rome and WFP’s Regional Bureau in Panama, a Logistics Response Team (LRT) has been deployed to establish a logistics coordination cell in Port-au-Prince.

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Field Locations


Roberto Marazzani
(Logistics Coordinator)
Phone: +509 37198403
For service requests, please contact:
Irene Pazzano
(Information Management Officer)
Phone: +509 3472 9371
Juan Carpio
(Air Operations Officer)
Phone: +509 441 67473
Michael Klobucar
(Logistics Officer and Cargo tracking)
Phone: + 509 31418355

Les Cayes

Safari Larson
(Logistics Officer)
Phone: +509 37403147
Willem-Jozef Vangoethem
(Air Movement Officer)
Phone: +509 37695166


Hassane Djibrine
(Logistics Officer)
Phone: +509 37547749

HQ Rome, Italy

Andre Hermann
(GLC Focal Point)
Phone: +39 06 6513 6408
Mobile Number: +39 342 9701481
HQ Information Management