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 Operation Overview
15 December 2016 12:15
 Meeting Minutes
15 December 2016 11:15
 Lessons Learned
12 December 2016 15:15
 Meeting Minutes
06 December 2016 14:15
 Meeting Minutes
29 November 2016 09:30

Meetings held in Amman, Jordan; Damascus, Syria; and Gaziantep, Turkey.
Transshipment hubs set up in Turkey.


Temporary Storage available in Syria in Lattakia and Tartous (coastal area), Homs (Rural Homs), Kisweh and Sahnaya (Rural Damascus), and Qamishly (northeastern Syria).


A common cargo transport service inside Syria to all governorates, security and access permitting (cost-recovery since January 2015)
Joint Humanitarian Convoys to the most difficult-to-access locations inside Syria
Emergency Airlifts to the most severely cut-off areas (dependent on security and access)

Information Management

An IM Officer is present in Beirut, Lebanon, and a GIS Officer is available in Amman, Jordan

From the blog

Logistics Cluster Warehouse Management training, Gazantiep
Monday, 5 December, 2016 - 14:00
  Turkey Warehouse Management Training   Gaziantep, Turkey 23-30 November, 2016 The Syria Logistics Cluster, together with... Read more
Airlift to Syria - UPS and WFP officers preparing cargo
Thursday, 14 July, 2016 - 12:45
Syria – After weeks of preparatory work, on 09 July the Logistics Cluster, through WFP, succeeded in facilitating the first rotation of the IL-76 that left Damascus... Read more

There are currently no upcoming events.


Field Locations


Finne Lucey
(Logistics Cluster Coordinator)
Phone: +963 988912805
Dima Salloum
(Logistics Assistant - RITA)
Phone: +963 950022354
Najd Al Chaar
(Logistics Associate)
Phone: +963 932101141
Samuel Terefe
(Logistics Cluster Deputy Coordinator)
Phone: +963 958882106


Eva Gandrus
(Turkey Logistics Cluster Officer)
Phone: +90 5368664011
Alessandra Piccolo
(Information Management Officer)
Phone: +961 70534680
Hamza Mohmand
(Gaziantep Logistics Cluster Officer)
Mobile Number: +90 5343571254
Myron Kamensa
(Hatay Logistics Cluster Officer)
Mobile Number: +90 5302825813
For service requests, please contact:

HQ Rome, Italy

Jeppe Andersen
(GLC Focal Point )
Phone: +39 3405368094