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 Cargo transport schedule
18 October 2017 14:45
 Meeting Minutes
12 October 2017 18:00
 Meeting Minutes
12 October 2017 15:00
 Sea and Rivers Transport
10 October 2017 16:15

Coordination cell in Juba - fortnightly meetings held. Field level coordination meetings also held in Melut, Bor, Bentiu, Rumbek, and Malakal.


Common storage services are provided in Aweil, Akobo, Bentiu, Bor, Juba, Malakal, Melut, Mingakaman, Nyal, Rumbek, and Wau.


Common road transport services (shunting) in Juba, Malakal, Rumbek, Melut, Wau, Bentiu, and Bor.

Air transport services are provided in Jonglei, Upper Nile, and Unity state. Locations change based on the needs of the humanitarian community.

Information Management

Dedicated IM Officer and GIS Officer in Juba.

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Field Locations


Fiona Lithgow
(Logistics Cluster Coordinator)
Phone: +211 922465747
Irvine Madori
(Finance Officer)
Phone: +211927506112
Patrick Mills Lamptey
(Information Management and Operations Support Officer)
Mobile Number: +211 922 845 791
Jessica Cochran
(Logistics Officer - Operations)
Mobile Number: +211 922 845 790
Ahmed Bayomie
(GIS Officer)
Phone: +211 920403223
Bernadette Muutu
(Air Movement Officer)
Phone: +211912300574
Lemi John
(Senior Logistics Assistant)
Phone: +211 977 134 160
Mobile Number: +211 922 465 572
For service requests, please contact:


Simon Gai
(Logistics Associate)
Phone: +211 917 779 822


Issam Abdo
(Logistics Officer)
Phone: +211 912 300 488


Blessing Dzambo
(Logistics Officer)
Phone: 1369-5022
Mobile Number: +211956414072
Skype Contact: Blessing.Dzambo


Thomas Ganyiza
(Logistics Associate)
Phone: + 211 922 465 559

HQ Rome, Italy

Martin Keitsch
(GLC Focal Point)

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