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19 December 2014 10:45
 Operation Overview
16 December 2014 13:45
12 December 2014 15:45
 Operation Overview
11 December 2014 15:00
 Meeting Minutes
05 December 2014 18:00

Coordination Cell In Juba – weekly meetings held. Weekly meetings also held in Malakal.


Common storage service provided in Agok, Bentiu, Melut, Malakal, Bor, Juba, Mingkaman, Rumbek, and Wau.


Common Road transport service (shunting services) in Juba, Bentiu, Malakal, Bor, Rumbek, Wau, and Melut.

Air transport service in 34 locations which may change based on the needs of the humanitarian community: Akobo, Agok, Ajoung Thok, Bentiu, Bor, Bunj, Ganyiel, Haat, Jiech, Koch, Kodok, Labrab, Lankien, Leer, Likongole, Maban, Malakal, Matoto, Mayendit, Mwot Tot, New Fangak, Nhialdiu, Nyal, Old Fangak, Palouch, Panyagor, Pibor, Pochalla, Renk, Rumbek, Waat, Walgak, Yida, and Yuai.

Information Management

Dedicated IM Officer and GIS Officer in Juba.


There are currently no upcoming events.

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Field Locations


Fiona Lithgow
(Cluster Coordinator)
Phone: +211 922465747
Julie Vander Wiel
(Information Management Officer)
Phone: +211 922 631 494
Aiedah Shukrie
(Deputy Cluster Coordinator)
Phone: +211922465714
Gerard Genevois
(Logistics Officer)
Phone: +211 922 465 712
Irvine Madori
(Finance Officer)
Phone: +211927506112
Margaret Akoth
(Logistics Officer)
Phone: +211 910 001 268
Michael Simpson
(Logistics Officer)
Phone: + 211 912 300 599
Nadika Senadheera
(GIS Officer)
Phone: +211 922 465 458
Renata Kuras
(Logistics Officer)
Phone: +211922465693

HQ - Rome, Italy

John Myraunet
(GLCSC Focal Point)
Phone: +39 06 6513 2129