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 Meeting Minutes
25 April 2016 16:45
06 April 2016 13:30
 Concept of Operations
24 March 2016 12:45
16 March 2016 16:15

Coordination cell in Nairobi; Coordination meetings held.


Storage envisaged in Mogadishu, Wajid and Baidoa, based on need, security and access.


Air transport planned from Mogadishu, Galkayo, Hiran and Bakool region.
The Logistics Cluster, where possible, plans to facilitate road transportation services between key strategic locations, security and access permitting.

Information Management

Dedicated IM Officer in Nairobi.

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Field Locations


Vladimir Jovcev
(Logistics Cluster Coordinator)
Phone: +254 735 704 848
Lucy Wambogo
(Logistics Assistant )
Phone: +254 733 777 013

HQ Rome, Italy

Faheem Araie
(GLC Focal Point)

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