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 Meeting Minutes
14 February 2017 16:15
 Meeting Minutes
31 January 2017 17:15
 Meeting Minutes
12 December 2016 12:45
 Air Transport

Please take note that no UNHAS flights will take place on 1 December due to the UN holiday.

25 November 2016 09:15
22 November 2016 17:15

Coordination Cell in Bangui – biweekly meeting held.


Short term and medium term common storage facility available in:
Bangui (2,110 m2)
Bossangoa (240 m2)
Kaga-Bandoro (320 m2)


Information sharing related to road transport within the country.
Transport service facilitated from Bangui to all destinations in the country

Information Management

Dedicated Information Management services and support

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