To address the massive challenge posed to humanitarian emergency responses by obstructed or denied access, the Global Logistics Cluster is actively working with partners and within WFP’s Advisory Group on Access, supported by the WFP inter-divisional Technical Access Cell. The Advisory Group was established in mid-2015 to provide remote support and guidance and field-level support through personnel deployments. Remote support includes information sharing, desk reviews/analysis, mapping, advice on technical challenges, access strategy development workshops and trainings.

The Logistics Cluster in close cooperation with the Advisory Group and Access Cell have developed an Access Training workshop available to partner agencies and inter-agency groups. The training can be conducted according to demand – it is available where necessary (field, regional or HQ locations) and is tailored to meet specific learning requirements.


Depending on what learning requirements are established prior to the training, the workshop generally aims to familiarise participants with the tools and skills for designing a joint access strategy and conducting negotiations, and facilitates their application through group exercises, either based on a specific context or tailored scenarios.

Training Modules are available on the following topics:

  • Humanitarian Access 101;
  • Humanitarian Principles;
  • International Law;
  • Professional Norms;
  • Context/Conflict Analysis;
  • Actors Mapping;
  • Access Strategy Development;
  • Access Action Plan;
  • Overcoming Dilemmas;
  • Tactical Negotiating Skills.


The training is a combination of classroom and interactive learning, with facilitated discussion and scenario simulation exercises. Trainings can be held where necessary, in field or regional locations. The specific content, challenges and dilemmas used during Access workshops will be tailored to the participants’ level of experience and specific interests. Therefore prior to the training, participants are asked to complete a learning needs assessment to customise the level, length and content of the course.

Next training: TBC.

WFP/Logistics Cluster offers Access Workshops to the humanitarian community, if requested. Organisations interested in getting a access training/workshop, please contact Andre Hermann

How to apply

The nomination of candidates goes normally through the dedicated Logistics Cluster Focal Point in partner organisations. Approximately 3-4 months before the training starts a call for nominations will be shared with those Focal Points.

If you are interested in being nominated, please liaise with the Focal Point within your organisation. If your organisation is not a partner, but you are still interested, please send an email to Andre Hermann.