The Logistics Cluster Global Meeting
23, 24 and 25 November 2015

UNHCR Global Service Centre (Duna Tower), Building, Budapest, Hungary


The Logistics Cluster Global Meetings are held twice a year, and bring together senior logisticians from humanitarian organisations at the global level. These meetings provide an opportunity to discuss relevant Logistics Cluster operations, collect feedback from partner organisations on Logistics Cluster performance, present new initiatives and projects relevant to the field of humanitarian logistics and they have also served as a forum for strategic discussion concerning the further development of the Logistics Cluster.

Introduction to the Note for the Record (NfR)

The main objectives of the Logistics Cluster Global Meeting in Budapest can be defined as strategic but space was also given to operational updates. 

Strategic objectives included in particular, to discuss the ongoing development of the Logistics Cluster Post – 2015 Strategy, to collect feedback via facilitated group sessions and exercises, to accurately represent the views and concerns of all the participating organisations in the drafting of the next 3 Year Strategy for the Logistics Cluster and to define activities and next steps to be taken. Focus was also given to the upcoming World Humanitarian Summit and the drafting of the Network Paper on Supply Chain. 

Operational updates included the presentation of Lessons Learned mission findings from Nepal and Central African Republic, an operational discussion on Yemen and the presentations on preparedness activities and more specifically pandemic preparedness. A comprehensive overview on Humanitarian Fleet Management including, tips, benefit and challenges was presented by participants.

The Global Meeting involved the participation of 63 attendees from a total of 37 organisations. Topics have been wide ranging and included group sessions, exercises, active participation and discussions.