UNDSS Contacts
Source Logistics Cluster
Document type Other
Publication date 20/07/2006

As UNJLC ceased operations on 30 June, UNDSS has agreed to take over the
responsibility for road reporting. Updates will continue to be sent out to
a mailing list which includes the addresses accumulated by UNJLC.

In the field hubs, reports are sent out to mailing lists maintained by the
respective UNDSS offices.

For more information, contacts for UNDSS are below.

Islamabad: Royston Wright Country Security Advisor +92 (0) 3458543292 royston.wright@undp.org
Islamabad: Arthur Gaines Deputy Security Advisor +92 (0) 3458564301 arthur.gaines@undp.org
Bagh: Kamran Ali Khan Field Security Coordination Associate +92 (0) 3008561705 undss.bagh@un.org.pk
Masehra: Javaid Iqbal Field Security Coordination Associate +92 (0) 3458526740 undss.mansehra@un.org.pk
Batagram: Amjad barki Field Security Coordination Associate +92 (0) 3025136209 batagram.undss@un.org.pk
Muzaffarabad: Soumana Kouyate Field Security Coordination Officer +92 (0) 3458563038 undss.muzaffarabad@un.org.pk