Emergency Preparedness Table Top Exercise Planning Document
Source Logistics Cluster
Theme Coordination
Countries Haiti
Document type Other
Publication date 15/07/2010

20-22 JULY 2010

A table top exercise is scheduled to take place from 20 to 22 July based on a possible natural disaster scenario in Gonaives. The objective of the exercise is to test information flow between agencies, decision triggers for the activation of Regional and National DPC Operation Centers, Regional Joint Operations Center (RJOC), Expanded Joint Operations Center (EJOC), as well as roles and responsibilities of these centers and participating partners during a crisis.


WFP/Logistics Cluster staff members from Gonaives, Jacmel and Port au Prince will take part in the table-top exercise in two different roles:

  • Active participants

  • Observers (white cell)

The table top exercise will be developed over three different phases:

1.    Planning (end of June-19 July)

2.    Execution (20-21 July)

3.    Debriefing (22 July)


Planning Phase

  • On 26 June, representatives from OCHA, Civil Affairs, WFP/Logistics Cluster and Joint Operations and Tasking Centre (JOTC) convened for an initial meeting to start planning and coordinate the exercise. Participants agreed that in the planning phase, every region would receive a natural disaster scenario and would be encouraged to conduct a table-top discussion to review and rehearse decision triggers, information flow and communication mechanisms, as well as identify gaps. Outcomes and reviews were collected and used to develop the actual exercise.

  • A planning meeting was held on June 30 with a key group of actors (OCHA, WFP/Logistics Cluster, Civil Affairs, HDCS and JOTC) to refine the elements of the exercise. Exercise partners were requested to provide scenario "problems" to be injected during the table top exercise. WFP/Logistics Cluster prepared a list of possible scenario problems that will be injected at different stages during the actual exercise.

  • On 7 July, a briefing was held in Gonaives to validate and integrate partners’ contingency plans to ensure an effective and coordinated response; equipment verification was conducted for the exercise players and for the observers (white cell).  WFP staff from Gonaives sub office took part in the briefing sessions. Meetings minutes are available in the Minutes & Meetings section of the Emergency Preparedness webpage.


Meeting Minutes from the discussion on 7 July 2010 are posted on the Logistics Cluster website and can be found by clinking on this link.