Cash and Markets Based interventions are rapidly becoming a modality of choice for humanitarian programmes. Around the world, people depend on markets for their lives and livelihoods and, where markets are functioning after a crisis, giving cash can be an effective tool to get assistance to beneficiaries. But this requires us to know our local markets, to monitor while we’re delivering and to maintain our agility to switch back to our in kind supply chains when needed. This page was created by the Global Logistics Cluster as a resource centre for those who are integrating supply chain and markets approaches into cash based humanitarian programmes. Resources on this page are not proposed / endorsed as best or compliant products, but rather have been offered by the Logistics Cluster and our partners in the spirit of sharing good practice. They are available to download and adapt accordingly to meet your organisation’s needs.

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Unlocking Cash and Markets

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The Supply Chain in Cash and Voucher Programmes

Strengthening Markets in Crisis

Multiplier Effects

Des transferts monétaires et sous forme de coupons dans les programmes humanitaires

Working with Markets and Cash

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